Happiness is an Opiod

Happiness. Say the word to yourself: Happiness. Now, say: I want to be happy. It is right here, as you finish saying, “I want to

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In your heart (and mind, also, perhaps) you know you are blocked. Something is holding you back. Let me explain. As a coach, I have

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Cherries are in right now. Washington State Cherries. Door County Cherries. Bing Cherries. So, that inspired this post. I don’t know how you can appear

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"We are so powerful we can convince ourselves we are not - then make it come true."

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“We all need hope, enthusiasm and meaning out of life. The question is: ‘How do we get that zest... .

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Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones aka “Dr. DJ” has spent the most of his life learning about (and living) human transformation – what works and what doesn’t. He enjoys passing it on. I am at that place where It is enjoyable seeing others prosper – become healthier and wealthier.