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Yes, indeed, the latest BOOM is now beginning to hit the media bigger and more often. But we still have a lot of people who know little if anything of the term “Cryptocurrency” even today. I recently mentioned the word to a friend of mine, an executive level university employee, and she said, “What is Cryptocurrency?” She is a very smart and current person. She had heard of Bitcoin but not sure what it was. She had never heard of Ethereum or Litecoin.

But on November 30th, a few days from this writing, Cryptocurrency was the theme of a Big Bang Theory television show, one of the most popular shows on television always in the Top Ten.

Over 20M American viewers and 6M Canadian viewers, and who knows how many viewers globally, were watching. Many became aware of the value of Bitcoin for the first time. Because the show was about how much money one can make with Bitcoin from a laptop.

My guess is the actors in Big Bang Theory, who are paid over 1M each per episode, were buying up some Cryptocurrency in anticipation. [*I will tell you what happened down below ;-]

The first live-streamed show on the Internet was a Victoria’s Secret runway show. As soon as I learned of it, I told a relative who plays the stock market to buy a bunch of Victoria Secret’s stock, hold it for a week and dump it. He made a tidy sum doing so.

I am no seer. But I know the power of the media. Nothing has value unless people know about it and know other people seek it. That is why a ball of gold is not every child’s play thing.

Intrinsically, there is no value to objects unless there is human interest and there is a shortage. Nothing fits this better than Cryptocurrency. No one puts it out without a stated limit…and that creates automatic shortage possibilities. Why does Black Friday work? Because the “sales” are for ONE DAY ONLY. Shortage.

Cryptocurrency is “Internet” or digital money. It is person to person currency without banks, regulatory agencies, governments, in the middle. And there is always a shortage. It is a free-for-all for the people. Imagine standing on a balcony and throwing out wads of $100 bills. What do you picture happening among the throngs of people down below?


INVESTING: Buying one or more of the 900+ Cryptocurrencies at a low price and hanging onto it until you can sell it at a higher price.

TRADING: Buying one kind of Cryptocurrency and trading it for another kind that you see as having more value, or possibly having more value than the one traded. Or the ultimate trade: Cashing out. Trading your “Crypto” for cash or precious metals, etc., but basically getting out of the trading field.

MINING: Cryptocurrency is digital, and it exists not in the physical world like gold, but in computers, specifically Central Processing Units, like in your computer – specifically the chips in your computer’s motherboard that store, retrieve and manipulate data. GPUs or Graphics Processing Unit, are separate from the motherboard and perform the data much faster – sometimes millions of times faster – than a CPU. Graphics cards are added into computers to handle all the extra data needed to bring motion, clarity and vivid images onto your screen. Movies and large graphic objects need more processing so as not to appear choppy or to totally freeze up your screen. In other words, GPUs process much larger amounts of data faster than CPUs. That is their purpose.

When someone wishes to sell, buy or trade Cryptocurrency, they place their request through their CPU on their computer or cellphone out to the Internet, the www we are used to,the World Wide Web. As this request goes out in the form of data, millions of computers receive it, those that have faster processors get it first…and get a little fee. The more transactions they facilitate the more “little fees” they make, and a lot of little fees add up to some substantial money – thus earning a “profit” – making more money than their costs to make it. This is called mining.

You can buy your own machinery and get into mining…but you are up against companies with literally hundreds of GPUs set up to scour the web for crypto transactions. OR, you can do “cloudmining” which basically means you pay a company to do it for you. This involves very little investment on your part to participate, and some cloudminers do not require transaction fees at all. [This is the choice we made here at SHP with our investments into cloudmining.]

We have researched all the companies we could find, and only recommend two that are not only reputable, but have been around a while and have decent payouts…and pay you daily.

If you wish to get involved in cloudmining we will provide you with a code that will give you 3% off your first purchase. This costs you nothing extra (and, yes, we get a tiny fee for referring you which, again, does not come out of your pocket). Contact us if you wish that code and name of the companies we most trust to do solid cloudmining for us.


*Bitcoin was at $9500 on Thursday, November 30, 2017, when Big Bang Theory aired on TV. In two days, Bitcoin had gone up to an all-time high of almost $11,800…a 20% increase. Two days after that Bitcoin was at $13,654. Was it because of the TV show? No way to prove it, but it appears likely. Especially since other crypto currencies stayed the same or even lost ground a bit. Bitcoin was the only digital currency mentioned in the show.

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